Monday, April 5, 2010


[Marta Deyrup and her gaggle of SLIM students negotiate the labyrinthine streets near Diocletian's palace in Split]

18 March, 2010

(Day 5)

We had a 3-hour visit to Split on our way to Mostar. My goal for the day was to go see Split's public library. I looked up the information and address the day before. I even drew a map on paper which would get me from Diocletian's Palace to the library. I was prepared.
For good measure, I stopped into a tourist info office to check my facts. The employees there were excited that I was going to see their city library. They said, with pride, that it was new and beautiful.
I was so excited!
But after a brief walk around the palace and lunch, there wasn't time for me to get there. I tried, but had to turn back in defeat before reaching my destination. I was late getting back to our bus and felt bad for making everyone wait.

Since my efforts ended in failure, I will include pictures from my last visit and pretend that I saw more this time than I really did. ["cheater!"]

This evening we will be staying in Medjugorje for the night and leave the next morning for Mostar.

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