Monday, April 5, 2010


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20 March, 2010

(Day 7)

This is a day of travel and reflection. We returned to Zadar last night. Left the hostel at 5am this morning in an airport-bound taxi. It's hard to process everything through our class filter. I'm trying to think about things like "collective memory" and how memory institutions (especially libraries) can be both a victim of abuse as well as a tool for nationalistic aims. It seems the need for responsibility is very high on memory institutions.

Overall, this was an interesting trip which gave us a chance to see struggling, yet succeeding libraries in trying times. We had an opportunity to meet fellow students and colleagues over seas. Our group dynamic seemed agreeable and engaging. I wish we'd had more opportunity for focused discussions. "Thank you" to everyone for a rewarding and supportive class environment. You were a delightful group with which to share this experience.

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